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CluckBook is a brand new site for poultry owners.  I decided to create this after getting extremely frustrated with other existing platforms.  Facebook groups are being shut down.  Craigslist technically also bans animal sales.  The internet is full of broken links to websites that no longer exist.  One top site for Penedesenca breed info had six links to breeders – and EVERY single link leads to a broken nonexistent webpage.  Forums are full of old, outdated information.  I really wished there would be one place where I could search for recent listings… And I figured backyard breeders shouldn’t have to waste time building personal websites.  

I spent a lot of my free weekends building this website, but it’s still in “beta” mode – it’s brand new, and really needs feedback and suggestions from the community on how to improve.  If you like the idea of a dedicated platform just for buying and selling poultry, with a clean interface and super easy search features, then please help us out!  Register as a member, post your poultry, tell your friends about it, and tell me how to make it better!  It’s my goal to spread the word this winter and really get the ball rolling in time for spring hatching season in 2020.  Do you think it can happen?

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