See The Bloom Drying On A Fresh Laid Egg

Chicken eggs have a protective coating on them when laid. It often dries a different color, and can be washed off! In the video below you can watch the bloom dry as a whitish coating. Towards the end, I also show a different dark brown egg with the top layer of brown color which can be easily scratched off. That’s a different pigment layer and not the same as the bloom/cuticle, but it also interesting to see!

Dozer sings her “Egg Song” and lays a fresh brown egg. The wet coating is called the bloom, (a.k.a. “cuticle”), and dries in seconds. Also starring a guest appearance by Buffy the Welsummer, and her extra dark reddish-brown egg with its easily removed pigment.

For a post explaining how egg color works, please check out: Colorful Eggs!

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