Welcome to CluckBook!

Got chickens? This is the place for you! Why do we need yet ANOTHER online place when we already have Facebook, MeWe, etc etc? Glad you asked! Read on…

I’m pretty new to chickens, and I’ve been trying to learn everything I can about them… and buy more! I also love finding local connections, so I joined some online groups for my area. Turns out it’s all very complicated… almost like those other networks aren’t built FOR chicken people. Eventually I got tired of asking “Location please?” and sending messages that inevitably got lost in someone’s inbox.

That’s where CluckBook comes in! I built this site to have all the features I was looking for in online chicken groups. It’s set up around the idea of listings, so you can see everything on a map and connect with nearby sellers.

Please feel free to message me with feedback or additional requests.

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